Paul Pinder and David Shaw, childhood friends and Nottingham natives were inspired by a glass board they saw during a trade show.  Enamored by the beauty and elegance of the board, Casca Glass Boards was born shortly after.  Word ‘Casca’ is associated with strength by definition. The word also has a personal meaning for Paul and David’s families because it is an acronym for the names of their five children.

Paul and David wanted to control the end-to-end process to ensure that quality, design and client experience were unmatched.  Within a year of operation, Casca Glass Boards went from being a glass board re-seller to a manufacturer. With ADEX design awards under the belt, Casca Glass Boards spread its British roots into the US Market.  Today, the company is proud to have developed a culture of British Heritage, European Design, and made in the USA.


The main objective of Casca Glass Boards is to be known for superior quality, design, customization, service, and innovation.

Our passion is about transforming spaces and enhancing the working collaborative.  With the Internet and e-mail being a large occupier of time and distraction in a workplace, establishment of a creative, sustainable environment is a quintessential priority.  Our glass boards serve as an effective communication tool while creating an elegant ambience for your space.

We aspire to improve the way people connect, work, and reach their goals. We do it with one board at a time.