We curate the glass board design and manufacturing process with the highest precision and attention to detail.  First, we get to understand your space, your needs, and your vision.  Second, we propose the most appropriate solution. Third, using the highest quality tempered glass, finishes, and adhesives, our craftsmen assemble your bespoke glass board.  Your product is then carefully packaged, transported, and mounted in your space.


Benchmarking to highest level of quality control and manufacturing standards is our priority. All of the materials we use including tempered glass, finishes, prints, and adhesives, are ecologically friendly.  We inspect every board before it is sent, ensuring you receive exactly what you ordered.


Our staff is highly skilled and adheres to safety and control standards.  We provide continuous training, perpetually enhancing our workflow.  The result is a durable, long-lasting product that is proudly made in the USA and is Leed Certified.